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A 6-year Cold Sore victim myself, I will share with you how I cured my cold sores, without having to waste time on useless creams and drugs.

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I know that this may be hard and even impossible to believe, but it is the honest truth!

I want to share with you my little secret that has cured my cold sores and helped me prevent them from forming years later. It took me 3 days, without any need for prescription drugs and over the counter medicine.

I will show you the easiest and fastest way to get rid of the cold sores, so you can get back to living your life... without the embarrassment and confidence issues cold sores create...

Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

I am going to start by sharing with you actual testimonials from people just like you that wanted to cure cold sores fast.

"I am just so surprised! I was skeptical at first when I came to your site, but I was very wrong! I put faith in the process you had given to me and my cold sore was gone within just 3 days. I didn't even have the dreaded red mark that lingers for weeks afterwards. Wow! You have given me a much better life. Thank you!"

Judy Butler
Vancouver, BC


When I first learned about your methods of curing cold sores, my first thought was that this couldn't work. It just seemed a little too simple to work. I'm glad I tried it anyway because I was proven 100% wrong. In just three days my cold sore was gone! I'm surprised that this isn't being used by more people. Why isn't this conventional wisdom??? Thank you so much for this cure."

Ricky Dezmen
Seattle, Washington

"Hey Derek,

When I first came across your report I was probably the most desperate I ever was. It seemed like I was getting cold sores every other week. Normally, I don't buy this kind of stuff, but the week I came across it I had the largest and ugliest cold sore I've ever had. It was as painful as it looked, so I gave in and got your report. I can't get over how fast your cure works. I wasn't expecting much, but I was blown away by the fact that pain was instantly gone and my cold sore disappearing in just 2 days. I'm glad I took the chance on this report. I would probably still be living with outbreaks."

Grace Cambell
Atlanta, Georgia

"I want to thank you for presuading me to give this a try. The amount of happy customers you have must be alarming. I've been dealing with cold sores my entire life. The over-the-counter medicine didn't do a thing to solve the problem. Since hte problem wasn't improving I got ever more stressed out by it. Your report cured me of cold sores forever! Thank you!!"

Shawn McKinnon
Toronto, Canada

FROM THE DESK OF: Derek Johnson

Dear Cold Sore Sufferer,

My name is Derek Johnson and I have experienced some of the most embarrassing times of my life with cold sores.

I consulted my doctor and was told that there was nothing much I could do about it. There were some expensive "treatments". And products I could buy like Abreva... but none of them ever helped.

The cold sores I experienced were painful, frustrating and always seemed to arrive at the most inappropriate times in my life. It didn't matter how important it was to me... they wanted to cause trouble.

After I went 6 years of my life trying out all the "mainstream" solutions to this problem, nothing really fixed the problem. I eventually decided to think outside the box and finally found the amazing all-natural cure for cold sores.

I'm a skeptical person by nature, so I wasn't exactly confident about my new found knowledge.

I never thought it was possible to get rid of my cold sores. They frustrated me to no end. After 6 years you have low expectations. But the other side of me was still desperate for a solution.

I was amazed to find that after only 3 days, I awoke to a startling face in the mirror looking back at me... a face with no cold sores. It was one of those moments that I walked out of the bathroom before I realized what I saw and ran back in to make sure it was true!

My Lips Were Completely Healed
And There Was No Sign of a Cold Sore

I was completely in awe. I was absolutely amazed that my cold sore disappeared in as little as 3 days. I had the clear lips that I've always been searching for... And my confidence grew that same day.

You Can Have...

  • Freedom from the irritation, the pain and sight of cold sores...

  • End the losing battle against cold sores... Wake up and enjoy your life with a clear face and know that it will remain that way.

  • The knowledge to cure cold sores fast by attacking the real issue... Save your time (and money) buying up all the different products that claim to cure this problem.

  • The face you want the world to see... We all want to look our best and we don't want to be known as the person with cold sore issues. There is so much for us to worry about, but this shouldn't be.

  • Your confidence and self-esteem drastically improved... There is absolutely no reason to feel bad. Once the cold sores are gone, you'll instantly feel like a new person.

  • Freedom from drugs, medicine, creams and other harsh chemicals... Instead of going to a pharmacy to get some chemical to put on your lips, you can do it naturally.

Let me ask you...

  • Do you suffer from anxiety due to your cold sores?
  • Do you take drugs and have little relief?
  • Do you have annoying side effects of using chemicals or drugs?
  • Do you feel ashamed with the way you look?
  • Do you hold back at life because of this problem?
  • Does your outbreaks dictate your life?
  • Do you fear people taking your picture or seeing you in public?

By reading your copy of Cure Cold Sores Fast, you will learn how to stop all of the items listed above.

  • Your cold sores will start to evaporate - if not totally disappear - within a 3 day period.
  • You will spend more times with friends and family because you're not embarrassed.
  • You're going to feel a lot better - with more confidence and self-esteem.
  • You will never have to worry about cold sores because you'll know how to deal with it.

When I created Cure Cold Sores Fast, I wanted something that was clear, to the point and easy to follow. That's what I created...

  • Say good bye to your cold sores because they're gone in 3 days!
  • Get back to your life and start living it without fear.
  • Have the confidence to do the things you were afraid of pursuing with cold sores.
  • Live a life without the embarrassment caused by cold sores.


I wanted to let you know that I'm grateful for you creating this report. I was skeptical that this wouldn't work, but I couldn't believe it when after a few days of applying your easy techniques that I was cured. I don't have to fear having cold sores anymore. What I liked best is that the cold sores haven't returned and all I did was apply your simple techniques... thank you so much."

Jennifer Anderson
Bangor, Maine

Before I was fortunate enough to have this solution, I had to battle my cold sores the same way you had to - with simple products like creams and the prescription drugs my doctor offered me. The whole time I was hoping that it would eventually start to work.

Let me give you a heads up from 6 years of this... they don't actually work. As much as a commercial on television says this is the product that will work, it doesn't. They don't actually deal with the problem that you're facing. All they do is deal with the symptoms.

Today, I don't have to worry about the next outbreak. I just smile because I know that my lips are perfect and I'm not going to have to go back to the pain, scabs and embarrassment.

There are some people that never had cold sores that may trivilize what you experience. It really doesn't matter what they think because you're the one experiencing it. They hurt! They hurt emotionally, physically and mentally.

You DON'T have to LIVE with it ANYMORE!!

Trust me... I've been where you are right now. The frustration with the fact that no one seems to be able to help you...

How Much Is Enough?

  • How much time have YOU invested?
  • How much have YOU spent for nothing?
  • How much has YOUR life suffered?

When you look at the prescriptions and over-the-counter products, you're going to be buying for the rest of your life. The methods I use don't cost anything. You just need my report and you can FREE YOURSELF from cold sores.

Here Is The Point Where I Help You!

The methods I have available to you will work. I can teach you how to fish, but it is up to you to actually go down to the lake and try.

Now, I hope you're getting excited about the idea of living your life without the problem of cold sores. You're probably thinking that my Cure Cold Sores Fast Report is probably too expensive. Well, let me make you feel a lot better.

I've been selling this information offline to people for over a $100. The fact is that people spend 5 times as much on prescriptions, so I'm saving them money...

But I've created an information product to sell online that I condensed down into a report with no fluff. I decided that since I haven't sold this online before that I would give a substantial price cut for my first 100 buyers.

Just $7.00

This price is only for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. Only the first 100 50 customers online will get this very cheap price.

You will receive instant access to my report when you purchase it, even if it is 2am. You can download the report in less than a minute - even if you're on dialup!

Please remember that this is a "limited time" price. If you're reading this, you still have the chance to get it cheap. It could very well be back to normal price by tomorrow. Act now and take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Buy now and save huge!

The Cure Cold Sores Fast Report comes with a no-hassle, full 60 day money back guarantee.

If my methods don't work you for you, all you need to do is send me an email within the next 60 days and I'll promptly refund 100% of your purchase... no questions asked!

That's 60 FULL DAYS to put my information into practice. There is no risk to you, because I take on all the risk.

Why Wait A Second Longer?

You can continue to do the same old thing you've been doing for years. You can keep using the same old solutions that have got you absolutely no where. But in the long term you're just going to burn yourself out.

I'm sharing with you what I've personally used to beat my cold sores. I've given this knowledge to others with great success.

I've already done the leg work. I've used all the products and other so called "cures" that just wasted my time and money. They all failed, but I learned from it.

Don't waste your time when you know that I've gone through the trial and error of learning. It's such a small price to cure the problem once and for all. You get my results that I've learned after years of suffering for just $7.00 RIGHT NOW!

All this report will contain is the actions that you need to take and the information to let you know why. Isn't that what you want? Do this and your cold sores will be gone.

You can continue to waste your time on doctor visits, drugs and other products that claim to fix the problem, or you can do something different. You can learn from my experience and take advantage of it to stop cold sores all together.

This report isn't going to tell you about the drugs you need to buy or the creams you need to use because I haven't found any that work. All I'm going to tell you is how to eliminate cold sores from your life with naturally methods.

It has been years since I've had my last cold sore. The same is true for my friends, family and others around me that I have given the information to. I've dealt with this problem, just as my friends, families and clients, but all of them have beaten it.

3 days... that's all the time you need to fix this problem. Just 3 days... You can acheive that.

"Hi Derek,

I want to thank you. The results have been absolutely amazing. This reports has blown me away. I have been dealing with cold sores most of my life. I don't recall exactly when they first started, but I was probably a teenager at the time. I was embarrassed. I had a huge massive blister on my lip when I came across your report from Google. It just took 2 days for it to heal!! I couldn't believe it. I just had to say thank you. "

Mary MacKenzie
Austin, Texas

"I wanted to send you this letter with regards to your report on cold sores. I was at my wits end. I was freaking out about a cold sore because I was going to get married. I've never been so worried in my life because I could sneak by with my cold sores, but not this time. I had to be ready. I only had 3 days until my wedding and your report cured me JUST IN TIME!!! My wedding was great and I'm totally in debt to you!"

Melanie Doyle
Detroit, Michigan

Cure Cold Sores Fast!!!

Do it today and you will be a whole new person in just 3 days! Feel great about yourself and your appearance!

This is a PDF Informational Product that you're purchasing. You can view it on Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems with any PDF Reader like Adobe Reader.


Derek Johnson

P.S. Remember that I am the one taking on all the risk. I am so confident in my methods that I will guarantee your purchase. I'll give back all of your money within 60 days if you're not satisfied in anyway.

And you also get instant access to this information. You're just a few minutes away from curing cold sores.

P.P.S. Don't forget that my $7.00 price tag is only for a "limited time". I can't guarantee that the price will be the same tomorrow. If you're not the first 100 customers, than you're simply out of luck.

You owe it to yourself to get it while it is cheap and cure the problem for good!

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